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Individual Lessons

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Four, hour-long private sessions
A personalized plan to meet your dog’s needs
FREE phone consultations
Rescheduling is FREE

Board and Train

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60+ Hours of service in trainer’s home
Personalized plan to meet your dog’s needs
Regular check-ins via videos, images, and text.
Daily care of your furry loved ones

We Understand Dogs

Compassionate Care & Training

Proven Results Over Time

We Understand Dogs. Dogs have been selectively bred for over 50,000 years, making them unlike any other animal in the world. Needing clear and caring leadership from a human, Genius Dogs has developed a method that provides both pet parents and their four-legged family members, with confidence and happiness to enjoy fulfilled lives. We compassionately care for your pups and invest in their success with customized and quality training programs accessible to everyone! We build strong relationships with not only these pups, but with our many pet parents, because we know what pets need is harmony with their people.

Compassionate Care and Training. At Genius Dogs we are pet lovers first and foremost, which of course means we are pet parents! When in our care, your pet is treated like a member of the family. We not only invest in their success but gladly give out belly rubs. This is a perk of being pet trainers, as we’ve got to hang out with so many cool dogs!

Our passion for your pup trickles down into the training we offer – because just like you – we want to see your dog happy and confident! Not only that, but we maintain regular contact between you and your pup the entire time they’re in our care. You’ll receive regular photos and videos of their process and can check in whenever.

Proven Results Over Time. What works for one dog may be detrimental to another, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ training method. When we first founded Genius Dogs we realized that many other Central Ohio dog training companies were focusing on aversive training methods and standardized techniques for a variety of dogs and breeds. However, this approach didn’t take into account that each dog learns differently, resulting in mixed success. We emphasize personalized training that meets the needs of both your family and your unique pup because our priority always has been the success and happiness of your dog for years to come!

We utilize balanced training methods that are individualized for each dog and parent. At Genius Dogs, no two dogs are trained in the same manner, and the results speak for themselves. Our methods are proven to work and can enrich the sacred relationship between you and your dog.

Enrolling at Genius Dogs. Our obedience training focuses on creating clear boundaries and clear expectations for our pups. The priority is to provide a nurturing environment that promotes friendship between you and your dog. At Genius Dog, we want to build confidence in both you and your pup, so you can integrate them more into your everyday life.

Behavioral modification training focuses on helping dogs and their owners mitigate anxiety and experience a deeper sense of calmness and well-being. We believe dogs deserve to enjoy a happy, satisfying life, and behavioral modifications can help make that possible!

All of our training includes FREE consultations – with no penalties for rescheduling, over 60 + hours of guaranteed learning with our qualified trainers and owner Brian himself, personalized plans to meet your dog’s needs, the offer for affordable payments plans, and daily care of your fury loved ones with regular check-in via video and pictures while in our care.

Brian, holding a dog on a leash
Brian with a small dog on a trampoline

“Genius Dogs Trained my dog perfectly. He is a absolute angel now. Brian went out of his way to not only teach my dog but help me also keep up with his training so it’s more effective. Super nice guy extremely knowledgeable about dogs and his line of work. 10/10 you can’t get better.”

John M.

“I cannot recommend Brian enough! He took our very anxious girl and taught her (and us) ways to cope with her stressors. He was compassionate and I was never worried about how he’d care for her while she was with him. He checked in with us regularly to show us her progress. She’s overall much more confident and happy.”

Carol H.

“Bryan is awesome. I liked how he not only taught me how to train my Dog but why it works. He got into a little bit of the science of it and idk I thought it was cool. My dog also is way better now. I can have him sit in a place and he won’t get out of it until I break him!!”

Malachi P.