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From obedience to rehabilitation and behavior modification training, we want to build and restore the human-dog relationship.

Why Choose Genius Dogs?

At Genius Dogs, we believe that every dog is different, and should be trained as such. What works for one dog may be detrimental to another, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ training method. When we first founded Genius Dogs we realized that many other Central Ohio dog training companies were focusing on aversive training methods and standardized techniques for a variety of dogs and breeds. However, this approach didn’t take into account that each dog learns differently, and resulted in mixed success.

We believe that dogs deserve better.

Our Lancaster/Columbus dog training company utilizes balanced training methods that are individualized to each dog and parent. At Genius Dogs, no two dogs are trained in the same manner, and the results speak for themselves. Our methods are proven to work, and can enrich the sacred relationship between you and your dog.

At Genius Dogs, we are dog lovers, first and foremost.

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Compassionate Care and Training
Compassionate Care and Training
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Proven Results Over Time

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5 Paws Rating with Genius Dogs

Brian is an awesome guy who really has his whole heart and soul poured into helping not only these awesome creatures, but their owners as well!! He is very patient and caring, and you can really tell he has the best interest of your dog(s) at hand. Keep up the great work, and cant wait to start working with you more thoroughly in the near future!! Thanks, Brian!

5 Paws Rating with Genius Dogs

Brian is amazing!! Percy had a rough past before I adopted him from the shelter. Percy was with him for three weeks and Brian treated him like his own dog. Percy loves him to death! I am so very grateful for Brian for saving us both. Percy has come a long way, I no longer have to carry him down the stairs to go outside because he was so afraid. He is able to be a dog again, go on walks and play outside. His confidence has sky rocketed! Brian has continued to help me and Percy whenever a problem arises. He has taught me many techniques for when Percy gets spooked and flips out. Even after my move to South Carolina I know Brian will continue to be reachable should I ever need help!

5 Paws Rating with Genius Dogs

Brian is the dog whisper! Our hank boy was defiant and angry. Brian took our hank for two weeks and treated him just like his own. Hank was loved and cuddled and trained to perfection. Brian gave updates daily and taught us WHY our pup was the way he was. Brian gave us our sweet and loving boy back and I’ll be forever grateful.