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Genius Dog Services

At Genius Dogs, we offer basic obedience training, behavioral modification training, and puppy classes/lessons.

Board and train packages come with 4 (private owner lessons) – to help make sure the training is maintained!

Dog Training Program
Obedience Training

In Obedience Training, we focus on setting clear boundaries and clear expectations. Our main priority is providing a nurturing environment that promotes friendship between you and your dog. At Genius Dogs, we want to help you be able to take your dog everywhere and integrate it into your life.

Behavioral Modification

Our Behavioral Modification services are focused on helping dogs and their owners mitigate anxiety and experience a deeper sense of calmness and well-being. We believe all dogs deserve to enjoy a happy, satisfying life, and with Behavioral Modification, we can help make that possible.

Nose Work Classes

Our Nose Work Classes come from the same science that teaches dogs to find bombs, drugs and other sensitive items – but at Genius Dogs, we make a game out of it. Classes take place in a group setting, utilizing anise, birch and clove scents. Our Nose Work classes are engaging to your dog’s mind. Your dog needs mental engagement in order to experience enhanced calm and a deeper sense of well being.